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What safety features do we use on our zip lines?

15 October 2023

We get this questions all the time, and we are proud to tell you that we follow the most modern and regulated zip line procedures to make sure you have a fun and injury free experience. These lines, harnesses and trees can handle many dozen multiples of our biggest visitors, so unless your bathroom scale shows thousands of pounds, our gear is ready for you. We asked expert zip line guide Vanessa to explain the procedures we follow on the zip lines so you can enjoy your journey through the trees and let the lines carry all the weight. Vanessa explains.

This is the trolley. This is what we use to hook in onto the zip line. So the ones we use for adults look like this. They're basically, you unhook 'em, you put 'em on the zip line, but the most important part before you do that is to put the Y tails on, which are just our extra layer of security, and also just in case something were to fail, which we check 'em all. So basically how we put 'em on is we do one Y tail on one, then your trolley, then your other Y tail. So it's kind of like a hard point at all times until you're ready to go. And then you zip line. And on the kids' courses, they look a little bit different, but they're basically, they stay like this and then you put them on and they don't come off the course.

We have kind of a self hooking system where we unhook your things one at a time. You're hooked into something at all times. But on the kids one, they're staying on one continuous line the entire time. So that way it's a lot easier for them. They can do it at their own speed. I don't have to be with them either. I can just watch them go. So it's definitely a lot different and a lot of equipment to learn and understand, but once you do, it's really not that complicated. Definitely something that you'll learn with time. We only ever put guides up there that are comfortable with themselves to be up there, that feel like they're ready. They have all their equipment. I think everyone has fun. Kids come the most often, they're our most repeat customer, I would say, because the kids course, it's easy. It's an hour and a half. People come, they're like, oh, this is my eighth time here. And they're like, they're already pros. They already know what I'm doing. I like to tell them. I'm like, oh, you can just have my job. I'll go take a break. The people that actually want to be here and have fun and have a good time, and not just want to go zip lining, want to have the full experience, they have the most fun

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"This was such a fun adventure. My 12 year old was initially scared, but our guides were fabulous and made her feel at ease. She was flying the trees confidently in no time. My younger two did the koala course at the same time and loved it as well. Since the canopy course over looks much of the koala course, we could watch them zip and even talk to them some. It was great! "

TripAdvisor Review - Apr 2023


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