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Advanced Reservations Required


Do I need to make advanced reservations?

YES! Each tour departure time accommodates a limited number of people - up to 10 guests accompanied by 2 guides. Much like booking a seat on an airplane, we must know that you are planning to zip with us so that we can schedule guide staff to take you into the trees! Reservations are always required; however, do know that day-of bookings are often available on tour times that have not yet completely sold out.

What is included in the Zip Line Canopy Tour?

During your experience at Charleston Zip Line Adventures Canopy Tour, you will start your adventure zipping from a 65 foot tower through the trees on a zip line cable between tree platforms, towers, 3 sky bridges, and a grande finale zip of 750 feet. Each tour is led by 2 highly trained and knowledgeable and guides.

What are the age and weight requirements?

All participants must be at least 10 years old and weigh between 70 – 250lbs. Guests are discretely weighed at check-in. Those not meeting our requirements will not be able to participate.

Do I have to sign a waiver/participant agreement to participate?

Yes, all participants are required to sign a participant agreement before allowed on course.

Our waiver can be reviewed and signed online! Sign Our Waiver Here

Anyone below 18 years of age must have a parent or legal guardian sign the Agreement form.

  • If under 18: A parent or legal guardian must also sign the participant agreement form.
  • If under 14: The participant must actively be accompanied by an adult on the Zip Line Canopy tour..

What should I wear?

We suggest that you dress as if you were going for a hike in the woods. You will be wearing a helmet, full body harness and gloves so dress for comfort the weather. Close toed shoes are required-we recommend athletic-type close toed shoes. Do not wear excessively baggy clothing. If you have long hair, you need to pull it back. We don’t recommend that you wear any jewelry on the tour-you can leave it locked in your car.

How long does it take to complete the course?

From the beginning of your tour our course takes 2-2.5 hours to complete with 8-10 participants.

What is your cancellation policy?

All reservations are charged in full at the time of booking. If you need to cancel or modify your reservation you are required to notify us

48 hours/​2​ days prior to your scheduled tour. Reservations are considered final ​48​ hours/​2​​ days prior to your scheduled tour and are NOT eligible for a refund OR rescheduling. Cancellations and reservation changes PRIOR TO ​48​ hours before a scheduled tour are eligible for a full refund. We cannot issue refunds for cancellation of your reservation. However, if you have to cancel your visit as a result of a family emergency, we are happy to offer you a gift certificate for a future visit within the same year.

To cancel your reservation, simply call us at (843)928-3947 and let us know. Email cancellations are not accepted, so make sure to CALL at least 48 hours in advance.

Why is a refund not available if I cancel after ​48 ​hours before my scheduled tour time?

We consider your reservation “final” at ​48​ hours prior to departure, so that we can make proper plans for your visit! At this time, we schedule all of the staff that will be required to accommodate you including Canopy Guides, Sales Staff, and management team members. We want to make sure that your trip is incredible. Because of all of the scheduling and logistics involved, last minute cancellations, changes or refunds are not possible.

What if it rains?

Our Zip Line canopy tour runs rain or shine, unless extreme wind or lightening interfere with operational safety. The course manager on duty will determine tour cancellations. In the event that your tour is cancelled by Charleston Zip Line Adventures, you will receive a refund or a rain check voucher depending on the circumstances. We reserve the right to postpone or ‘pause’ and tour for up to one hour to wait out inclement weather and resume normal operations.

What if I need transportation to and from Charleston Zipline Adventures?

We have three transportation partners that we work with to provide you with transportation options:

Charleston Black Cab Company - 843-216-2627

Coastal Bus Line - 843-928-3028

For small group private transportation, you can also call or text our local uber partner at 843-870-3452

What if I am running late?

All canopy tours begin at the booked time, so please arrive on time. If you expect to arrive late, please call us at 843-928-3(ZIP) or 3947 and we will determine if we can accommodate you on another tour that day. Refunds will not be issued to late arrivals, so please plan accordingly.

Can I make reservations for a group of 8 or more?

Yes, we can accommodate large groups! Please call 843-928-3(ZIP) or 3947 and allow our reservation team to assist you with the booking. Our group discount starts with 8 participants and is 10% off per guest. NOTE: Group discounts must be paid with one credit card at the time of booking

If I am not participating, can I stay and watch?

Spectators are welcome to relax on our porch. You will be able to observe ground school, watch the kids on the Kids Zip and see the participants take their first zip from the first tower and their grande finale 750 foot zip. We do not allow anyone to walk on the course for safety reasons.

Do the guides take photos during the Canopy Tour?

Yes they do! The guides will carry a camera and take pictures during your tour. Once you get back to the Adventure Center, your photos will be loaded into a slideshow for you to view. If you like want to purchase your photos of your adventure, let the staff know and they can will transfer them onto a Charleston Zip Line Adventures USB.

Can I take my phone on the course?

No, our gloves don’t work with cell phone screens and they can be a distraction. We don’t allow participants to carry phones or cameras on the course due to the likelihood that they are dropped and for safety reasons. Please leave cells phones, cameras, and other valuables locked in your vehicle.

Are there any bathrooms along the way?

There are restrooms located at the Adventure Center before you take your first ZIP. There are NO restrooms on the course, so be sure to use the restroom before going into the gear room.

How safe is the ZIP LINE TOUR?

At Charleston Zip Line Adventures, safety is our first priority. The Charleston Zip Line Adventure team adheres to the highest industry standards of the Association for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT), the organization that sets standards for construction and operation of zip line tours. The Zip Line Canopy Tour Guides go through rigorous 40-50 hour technical training and must pass written and practical skills tests prior to guiding tours. Ongoing training is also required. Outdoor Adventure activities all have some inherent risks(which is what makes them so exciting), but we take all industry precautions to minimize the risk so you can have an outstanding adventure experience. YOU play a very important role in ensuring your personal safety! Listening to your guides, following directions, and knowing your personal limits will all help to ensure you have a great Charleston Zip Line Adventure experience.

Should we tip our guides?

Sure, but it is not required so please don’t feel obligated. Your guides work hard to make sure you have a memorable tour. If they do a great job, feel free to reward their hard work.



Our tours begin at the scheduled tour time. Therefore, we recommend guests arrive at least 15 minutes prior to tour time in order to allow for parking, checking in, etc. If you are running late, we will do our best to accommodate you on another trip that same day, given availability. No refunds will be issued to late arrivals. If you fail to show up for your trip on time, we still incur the same costs and may have turned others away.

Weather Conditions

Our Zip Line canopy tours run rain or shine, unless high winds or lightning interfere with operational safety. The Course Manager on duty will determine if a tour needs to be cancelled, and guests may be notified at any time regarding cancellation. In the event that your tour is cancelled by Charleston Zip Line Adventures, you will receive a full refund or rain check voucher. We reserve the right to postpone (or pause) a tour for up to one hour to wait out inclement weather and then resume normal operations.


Participants should be comfortable without access to restroom facilities for 2-2.5 hours. Restrooms are available at the Adventure Center where you check in and end the tour.


Weight and Age Requirements

Zip Line Canopy Tour

Weight: All participants must be between 70-250 lbs.
Height: All Guests must be between 42″ and 6’6″ in height.
Minimum Reach: 66 inches standing with both feet flat on a flat surface.

Must be at least 10 years old and meet the weight and height requirements.

All participants must weigh between 70 and 250 lbs for the Zip Line Canopy Tour, and we discretely verify weight at check in.

Anyone below 18 years of age must have a parent or legal guardian sign the Agreement form for all Charleston Zip Line Adventures activities. If a parent/guardian will not be at the park to sign, you MUST print out a copy in advance and have the parent or guardian sign it.

Climbing Wall

Weight: All guests must be between 40lbs and 250 Lbs.
Height: All guests must be at least 36″ tall. Must fit properly into the harness and other protective equipment.

Kids Zip Kola Course

Weight: All guests must be between 40lbs and 180lbs.
Height: All guests must be at least 36″ tall to zip. Guests’ taller than 5ft 6in are not permitted on the Kid Zip.
Must be 5-13 years old


If you’re not sure of your current height, weight or reach:
Weight. A Pass/Fail Scale (that lets us know if you are above or below our required weight ranges without revealing your actual weight) is located at registration for your convenience
Height. A height chart is located near registration for your convenience
Reach: A reach chart is located near registration for your convenience

Physical Condition

You don’t have to be an athlete to do our course! Our canopy tour is designed for people from youth-grandparents which makes this a great adventure for the whole family. But, you DO need to be in reasonably good physical condition, have the ability to pull yourself hand over hand along a cable (your weight is supported by a harness), and be able to walk up the stairs on the towers.

You should not participate if you:
  • are pregnant
  • have recent, recurring or existing back or neck injuries, have a serious musculoskeletal disorder, have epilepsy or a seizure disorder that does not permit you to drive, or have a heart condition that may require immediate medical attention
  • are under the influence of alcohol, illegal drugs, or prescription medications that may limit your abilities

*If you have a medical condition that requires immediate use of prescription medication such as an asthma inhaler or epinephrine, you need to bring the medicine with you. Let your guides know before starting the trip so they are prepared in the event that you need your medication-they can carry it for you if needed.

Hours of Operation

Mon-Sat: 10am-5pm
Sun: 1pm-5pm


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